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Cannabis is obviously used for a host of differing reasons and individual results can vary depending on the person and the setting. However, there’s one important category under which all cannabis use falls which is that it’s used to enhance people’s lives. Therefore, it’s no accident that folks who are focused on improving their day take intention into their participation to create an experience with the most promising amount of growth. So, please chime in with us as we peer into the unique perspectives of two experts with popular blogs who are writing the narrative of how the proper mindset can produce the most effective outcome.


Writer of the popular blog Donuts and Down Dog, which is promotes healthy balanced living.

Smoking with Intention

Writer of a blog about the benefits of intentional cannabis use called Bud and Blossom.

Six Steps To Mindful Cannabis Use

Angel Patton,
inventory specialist at the Kushery in Seattle


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After finishing at the top of his graduating class and earning a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism at San Diego State University, Mike embarked on a career that included syndication, spanning seven markets in twenty years, culminating in a national Billboard Award for Rock Radio Personality of the Year in Seattle in 2008. During that time, Mike enjoyed success as a commercial voice actor (Sprite, Tampa Bay Lightning NHL team) and hosted a television lifestyle show called Flux in Tampa, Florida that aired on the ABC affiliate. Mike left terrestrial radio 2011 to write four books over the next five years before accepting a partnership with WAM OIL in 2016, Washington’s Original Co2 Hash Oil company, and taking the reins of Sales/Marketing Director. In 2017, WAM OIL won the prestigious Dope Industry Award for Concentrate Company of the Year.



Wes Abney is the founder of the Leaf Nation family of brands that began in 2010 with Northwest Leaf magazine. Recognized as the first Cannabis magazine in the region, Northwest Leaf defined and developed the medical and recreational Cannabis communities in Washington state with free publications focused on quality content and truthful journalism. The success of the magazines led to Oregon Leaf in 2014, Alaska Leaf in 2016, and most recently Maryland Leaf magazine in January 2019.

Wes’s writing and publishing background began with his college newspaper, The Ebbtide, which included a love for multimedia and creating content on many platforms. The nickname “Bearded Lorax” came after years of publishing millions of free magazines, using his voice to speak for a plant and those that benefit from it. Wes is an activist not only for Cannabis, but for ending the drug war and freeing prisoners who have been wrongfully incarcerated for non-violent crimes.

His passion for reaching people with written and spoken words led to the concept of Leaf Life with Mike Ricker, which began development in 2018 and launched in January 2019. With the combined passions of Cannabis and a love for broadcasting, the partnership on Leaf Life was a natural progression for Leaf Nation as it spreads roots across the United States.

In addition to magazines and content creation Leaf Nation also includes brands like Leaf Chews, Higher Than A Space Shuttle, Tannins and Terpenes, The Concentrate Cup, Stoner Owner, and more coming as the family of brands continues to grow. Look for Leaf Nation products, events and media wherever you enjoy Cannabis!

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