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The new frontier for people of all ages

This is the premier Leaf Life episode, so why not approach one of the most elementary, yet vital discussions around the world of medicine today? For thousands of years this amazing plant has been used for health and wellness for all ages and as recently as the 1900’s could be found in the majority of over the counter medicines—until that all changed with criminalization. In today’s world, however, parents have found it to be hugely beneficial for children with a range of conditions from cancer to seizure disorders to autism. Today Cannabis use can still trigger Child Protective Services in illegal states to seize children, while in legal states THC and CBD are helping keep children healthy and seizure free. In this episode, we explore full plant Cannabis medicine and who it can benefit while gaining the imperative perspective of a mother who credits her daughter’s survival to the plant.


Grandma Cat Jeter,
owner of Deep Green
is a Cannabis activist with over a decade of experience producing full plant Cannabis extract for patients of all ages and helping beyond state lines when medical marijuana is needed. She is extremely knowledgeable on Cannabis and unafraid to share her opinion that Cannabis should be a legal medicine for everyone.

Meagan Holt
is the mother of Maddie, a 5-year-old born with the terminal genetic disease called Zellweger Syndrome who was not expected to live past her first birthday. Maddie has gone from over 20 pharmaceuticals to using Cannabis as a primary medication.

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