Leaf Life ventures to the world’s first museum for Cannabis in Las Vegas where founder JJ Walker has taken an education project and turned it into an immersive artistic experience. This rare spectacle of all things cannabis is designed as an interactive tour that takes visitors through the journey of an actual plant in an educational and visually stunning layout. Giant art displays and fun scenes lead around the museum which including the world’s largest bong, Bongzilla, as well as giant, huggable Cannabis buds. We joined the journey from seed to bong and then took a trip above to Walker’s penthouse, where he gave us the scoop on why he sold a chain of successful dispensaries to initiate this classic endeavor, and how he intends for it to become a Cannabis consumption venue and international destination.


JJ Walker
JJ Walker is the founder and creative force behind Cannabition Cannabis Museum, which opened in fall of 2017. Prior to his education project, Walker co-founded a medical Cannabis dispensary in Colorado in 2009, at a time when recreational Cannabis was still illegal. After selling his shares in the company in 2012, he went on to found My 420 Tours, one of the first tourism companies that catered to the growing Cannabis industry in Colorado. Today Walker lives above his museum, and has set his sights on turning the interactive and immersive educational experience into a consumption lounge and event space for Cannabis enthusiast from around the world.

Ryan Vincent
Owner of Passpot Education Guide, 
Ryan Vincent is the creator of the Passpot, a Cannabis passport themed educational tool and journal. Vincent is a passionate medical Cannabis patient who began his career in Cannabis with JJ Walker, helping found a dispensary chain in 2009. After battling a medical condition that has left him blind at several times, Vincent found that Cannabis was able to save his eyesight and allow him to live a normal life. To date he has built numerous Cannabis brands and companies, and launched the Passpot as a tool to normalize Cannabis and educate consumers.

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