This we head to Oregon to the only legal Cannabis consumption club in the Pacific Northwest to do some investigative smoking. While Cannabis has the recreational ticket in this state, consumption events and clubs are still in a legal gray area. So we pose the contradictory issue of why possessing pot is legal, while smoking it is not. We interview the club’s founder, Michael Keysor, to find out why social consumption is such a hot topic, and why he is risking his own freedom while standing up for user’s rights by providing a safe environment for people to enjoy the fruits of their vote. In this show, you’ll experience the ambiance of a rare Cannabis club while our Greg the Guinea Pig, James Extract, wallows in some of the world’s tastiest flower.


Mike Keysor

Michael Keysor is a heritage medical Cannabis activist who began working with the plant in Washington in 2012. He started the first continuously operating Cannabis Farmers Market in White Center just south of Seattle and soon had two locations serving patients until the Washington medical Cannabis program was ended in 2016. Forced to shutter his doors, Keysor moved to Portland and opened the Northwest Cannabis Club in 2016, which operates as a private club for the Cannabis community, serving as a gathering space, event hub, and as a neighborhood spot for those to choose to use Cannabis socially in a private space.

James Martin
James Martin is known for a fun personality and his unique handstand upside down dabs on Instagram. He is also the Brand Ambassador for Ilo Vapor’s Dab Tabs, a brand new technology for consuming dabs now sold in several states. A passionate Cannabis activist, industry representative and consumer, he volunteered to smoke out as our Guinea Pig– no handstand required.

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