The 16th episode of Leaf Life asks a simple question. What should be done with a million pounds of surplus Cannabis in Oregon? The regulators didn’t enjoy our idea of a world’s largest joint party, so we sat down with our guests to discuss possible solutions to the surplus at hand, and how to avoid overproduction as the industry expands. Tune in for insight into the world of Cannabis production, distribution, and learn how you could help solve the problem with votes and tokes.


Joshua Bereket
Josh is the founder of BUSHL, a curated marketplace for natural, sustainable, and craft cannabis. When He was younger he was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and changed his diet from processed foods to strictly organic vegetables. He also began using cannabis to combat the symptoms the disease was causing. He saw first-hand the positive affect cannabis had on his symptoms and became a staunch believer in the power of the plant. Knowing how imperative it is for consumers to have access to clean, chemical-free products – whether for medicine or recreation – he felt it necessary to start BUSHL to bring clean products to the cannabis community.

Joy Contreras
Joy is the president of The Sweet Life Distribution, a wholesale distribution company representing over 45 brands in Oregon. With Joy at the helm, The Sweet Life distributes 10% of all the flower that goes into the Oregon Wholesale market.

Martin Nickerson
Martin Nickerson is a heritage medical Cannabis activist originally from Bellingham, WA where he began providing medicine for patients in 2010. He moved to Mcminnville, OR in search of a better Cannabis regulatory environment in 2015, and founded Ocean Grown Cannabis Company and Skunk Train Farms. He is a passionate advocate for the plant who enjoys getting his hands in the dirt, growing indoor and outdoor plants with love.

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