Show #2 – SEATTLE


Our second premier show covers two different ways of connecting Cannabis consumers with education through entertainment. Normalizing Cannabis starts with individual passion for the plant and taking the message straight to the masses, which is what our first guest Tim-Me does through music. His hip-hop vibes detail his personal cannabis truths that have allowed him to live a healthy life and overcome a major physical disability. And then the owners of a popular educational tv channel, Terp Talk TV, explain their vision of live streaming directly into dispensaries and presenting education about Cannabis in a fun, visually appealing way.


Timothy Edwards a.k.a. Tim-Me,
is a hip-hop/rap artist, singer/songwriter, motivational speaker, activist, radio personality and business executive. Cannabis has helped him overcome physical limitations from arthrogryposis, a joint condition where he was born with his arms backwards and his intestines outside of his stomach, to become a voice for Cannabis patients through music, including his “hit” Cannabis Saves Lives.

Michael Thompson is the founder of Terp Talk TV, and we invited he and his partner Early to explain the concept of providing fun facts and eye-popping content for the in-store browser. As a budtender at a shop named Satori, Michael had a eureka moment upon realizing that customers and budtenders alike could better utilize their time by becoming further educated about cannabis while in the shop. In addition to their in-store video monitors, together they have expanded the company into a terpene bar experience based on aromatherapy while also throwing live terpene events.

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