What makes a quality Cannabis brand, and how important is branding and marketing in the cannabis industry? In the old days, weed sold itself, but now the stakes are much higher and far more competitive, making the presentation of a product vital to the success of a company. And now in states like Oregon where there sits over a million pounds of excess, branding not only becomes necessary, but imperative for survival. We invited two successful brands in the legal state of Washington, one multi-state and expansive, the other hyper-local who maintains roots in the counterculture. On this episode of Leaf Life, they discuss how they have crafted their unique brands and what that has meant to them as cannabis entrepreneurs. 


Adam Smith,
CEO of Arbor Pacific/Avitas
sets the vision, strategy and execution of his company’s priorities. Prior to founding Arbor Pacific/Avitas Adam held executive positions at ESPN as well as product development and engineering positions at Disney and Microsoft.

Mark Seegmueller,
Owner of Mad Mark Farms

blends the edginess of the black market attitude with high quality bud in the legal recreational marketplace. Known for turning the iconic “Mr. Yuck” logo into a symbol of power, the Mad Mark brand catches eyes with custom artwork by integrating a fun, renegade aesthetic that feels relatable to anyone who calls themselves a stoner.

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