Everyone loves the smell of a dank bouquet of Cannabis flowers, but most don’t understand the science behind the aroma. Terpenes are chemicals found in all flowers and fruits in nature that help guide the effects of Cannabis and are the basis for aromatherapy practices that have been used for thousands of years. This episode dives deep into the science of terpenes, how they create the ever so important “entourage effect” when consuming Cannabis, and how they can be combined with food and drink to create a unique experience not found anywhere else.


Bryan Mathis,
a living, breathing, terpene encyclopedia, and an industry innovator with the inside scoop on one of the premier farms in in the legal state of Washington, Cascadia Gardens. This pioneering company is an enigma in that they are presently the only one’s processing and selling Cannabis derived terpenes to the legal market. We’ll explain the implications of the term “entourage effect”, or how Cannabis and Terpenes come together to provide your unique experience. Also, we’ll touch on his really cool events that combine food and terps for a totally one of a kind sensation. He is such a great guest, we decided to keep him on for both segments!

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