Show six of Leaf Life has us exploring the intersection between a healthy sex life and Cannabis. Our guest Chelsea Cebara is the creator of Velvet Swing– a Cannabis infused lubricant created with mindful intentions. Cebara is also a professional sexual educator and speaker who uses education as empowerment for sexual health. We explore how Cannabis can increase consciousness in sexual relationships, how Velvet Swing can be integrated to make that happen, and learn how the new frontier of Cannabis infused sex is changing. We are also joined by Neil Lequia, this week’s Greg the Guinea Pig, a Cannabis activist and industry member raising his voice for the LGBTQ community in Cannabis. This is a fun one!


Chelsea Cebara
is a professional sex educator and an absolutely massive weed nerd. She has worked in the Washington cannabis industry since 2010 as a medically-certified cannabis consultant and is the product developer for Velvet Swing, the world’s first water-soluble cannabis lubricant. She lives in Seattle and regularly speaks on the intersection of cannabis with sex, kink, and consent culture.

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