CBD You Real Soon!

Our seventh show looks to the rapidly developing world of CBD from the perspective of production, medicinal benefits and sales operations. While it doesn’t give you a high, CBD is causing a buzz internationally as it expands from cannabis retail shops to grocery and pharmacy shelves. Our first guest, Jerry Whiting, is a consummate hemp activist who talks us through the production of CBD from Hemp, the entourage effect found in full spectrum CBD extracts, and also discusses how CBD is bringing Cannabinoid therapy to states without legalization. Our second guest, Eugene Frid, tells us about the challenges of operating a CBD startup company, and why he chose to pursue the business outside of the recreational market.


Jerry Whiting
is a Cannabis and Hemp activist with over a decade of experience, now devoted to spreading education about hemp production, processing and genetics for the preservation of the plant both on a small scale and as an industrial crop. He lectures around the country spreading enlightenment and real truths about CBD and Hemp, while writing a monthly column in Leaf Nation magazines about the state of the Hemp movement. He also operates LeBlanc CNE making natural Hemp based tinctures and topicals.

Eugene Frid
is a heritage member of the Washington Cannabis Industry who began working with patients via A Greener Today medical in 2012. Today he’s successfully transitioned that retail shop into the recreational market and has also ventured into the business of CBD with his company, Azure CBD. Frid pioneered the first CBD kiosk at Everett Mall last December and sold his products publicly. Look for his products online at Azurecbd.com or visit agreenertoday.com for more information!

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