Growing Gold! The Secret Sauce of Cannabis Cultivation

This week’s Leaf Life dives into the precious commodity that drives the Cannabis industry forward. Growing gold is what the best producers are doing, but it doesn’t come easily. We invited two great producers of craft Cannabis to share their experiences and tips for what makes their Cannabis worthy of the title gold! Join us to hear how Joshua Anderson of Skord Marijuana grows Cannabis for both flower and extraction, and hear the love behind Super Dave Genetics as David Keef guides us into the unique world of breeding.


Joshua Andersen
Joshua Andersen is the Founder and Facility Operator of SKöRD Marijuana, a tier II indoor farm and single source concentrate company based out of Battle Ground, WA. With Joshua’s vision and direction SKöRD has developed into one of the most trusted connoisseur Brands in WA, best known for their exclusive strains and top shelf pesticide free products.

David Keef, Super Dave Genetics
is a heritage medical Cannabis grower and breeder who has been creating his own genetics since 2010. Known for strains Grape Juice, Fire Cherry Pie and many more, Super Dave as he is known blends a passion for quality Cannabis with love that drives him to select and create prolific strains.

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