Our ninth episode of Leaf Life explores the issue of veteran’s access to Cannabis as medicine, and how Cannabis can help those suffering from issues like post-traumatic stress disorder. Our nation’s veterans risk their lives and health for our freedom, but upon returning to civilian life are often left without resources, treatment or support. This is what prompted our first guest Patrick Seifert to start Twenty22Many, which honors the 22 suicides daily that effect our service men and women, and he shares his story and motivation for connecting veterans with Cannabis and resources. Our second guest Dustin Bruce has PTSD from his time in the military, and shares how he came to Cannabis as medicine late in life and how he wants others to shake the stigma of Cannabis use and embrace it as a safe option that veterans deserve access to. Our veterans fought for our rights, and we share and honor our two guests and an organization that is fighting back for safe access to Cannabis.


Patrick Seifert
Patrick has been one of Washington state’s most effective Veterans Activist since 2012 both locally and nationally. In 2014, shortly after Patrick discovered the VA article describing the loss of 22 Veterans A Day to the Suicide Epidemic, Twenty22Many was born. Most recently Patrick Seifert was awarded and recognized on a national level as being the Veteran Advocate of the Year Award. ASA (Americans For Safe Access) presented Patrick with this award just last week at our nation’s capital. Patrick Seifert was involved with Oklahoma’s Legalization and has fought for Veterans Access to Medical Cannabis at the United Nations.

Dustin Bruce
Dustin Bruce formerly served in the US Army Nurse Corp and is currently the Vice President of Twenty22Many. He suffers from PTSD and uses cannabis as part of his natural remedy healing as well as yoga and enjoying outdoor activities.

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